Programs to meet YOUR needs!
My Math Test Activation Seminars

The MMT Seminars are held in the new Gateway Building #30, Room 103, and begin promptly at the designated times.  Please check in one half hour before the Seminar. Please bring a copy of your receipt. 

Thursday, August 17:  8:30 or 10:30

Monday, August 11:    1:00 or 3:00

Thursday, August 21:  8:30 or 10:30

Tuesday, August 26: 1:00 or 3:00

For more information, contact Gayle L. Smith, SFCC Testing Center
Phone: 509-533-3562
Free STA bus passes

Get on the bus! FREE quarterly STA bus passes are available at the college Cashiers Office. Remember – if you’re a credit student, you’re eligible for a FREE bus pass each quarter. (Note They are non-transferable.) Don’t miss out on this great offer: Stop by the Cashiers Office today!

Date Event Time/Location
8/1No Class